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Application for Ballot by Mail
Polling Places

Sample Ballots
Pct 1-County Only, WdvISD
Pct 2-County Only, WdvISD, City of Woodville
Pct 3-County Only, WdvISD, City of Ivanhoe
Pct 4-County Only, WdvISD
Pct 5-County Only, WdvISD, CISD
Pct 6-County Only
Pct 7-County Only, WdvISD
Pct 8-County Only, WdvISD, CISD
Pct 9-County Only, WdvISD, CISD
Pct 10-County Only, CISD, Lake Amanda
          Lake Amanda Order
Pct 11-County Only, CISD
Pct 13-County Only, WdvISD
Pct 14-County Only, WdvISD, SISD, ESD2
Pct 15-County Only, SISD, ESD2
Pct 16-County Only
Pct 17-County Only, WdvISD, City of Woodville
Pct 18-County Only, WdvISD, City of Woodville